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A Warning, and, The Twin Nature in the latest issue of the Gloaming.

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System Fatigue accepted for publication in Poe Little Thing.

Mind Games, sinister new poem published in Fear and Trembling.

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Ring Tones now available for Tortured Wish, and, Dream Shadows. 


Check myMyspace blog to read free clips from Death Whispers.

Death Whispers Available Now!

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Zachery Kain, Dream Shadows shirt now available here:

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More industrial rock mayhem from Zachery Kain.

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New Remix of You're Not Alone, by, Electric Chariot. Click the streaming radio link to hear it. 


Review for the song Tortured Wish. Sort of...

It's a shame that this can't receive a review because it stands out in this competition 
and I think that it was a great track of mayhem so I thought that I would let 
you know anyway. Si